Hadley Green Drinking Fountain

On the 15th November 2022

our Crowd Funding target of 22,258.39 was reached

with spacehive fees of 567.61 that have already been taken off.

There were over 100 Backers!

I am humbled by our Amazing Barnet Residents and our Community

in supporting my project to have our Historic Fountain renovated.


Once the work begins, I will add new photos and

updates. Installed across London, many

historic fountains were switched off in the

1960s & 70s. Today only a handful of these

beautiful public amenities still work. Restoring them

brings back vitality to a public space,

offers an environmentally friendly public

resource, educates and inspires children and creates

a sense of local pride. The Mayor of London wants to

reduce the number of single-use plastic water bottles

used and provide free access to healthy tap water.

The average London adult buys more than three

plastic water bottles every week, a startling

175 bottles per person. In total, some 7.7billion

plastic bottles are bought across the UK

each year. We all should adopt small changes

that can have a big environmental impact,

like refilling reusable bottles with tap water,

instead of needlessly buying new single-use ones.

Heritage of London Trust has made a Grant of 15,000

towards the renovation and Affinity Water

have offered to connect the Fountain for free,

a saving of between 5,000 to 7,000.

There will be a bike stand added as well.

The total cost of the renovations and landscaping are almost

22,500 not including the generous offer from

Affinity Water. (so really it is almost 30,000)

The Fountain as of today

Dr Nicola Stacey from Heritage of London Trust and myself discussing the renovations in the summer 2022

The Fountain in olden times

Hadley Green Drinking Fountain is constructed from

Aberdeenshire Red Petershead Granite,

it is set on a pink granite octagonal plinth,

this is a decorative drinking fountain

with four bell shaped bowls and a bowl

at the base for domestic animals.

The inscription says '1885' and the top

is in a decorative bell shape. It is Locally Listed.

Fountain Renovations started 30th January 2023

Week 1



We find out the fountain was renovated before,

we are guessing around the 1960's as their is a "modern" plastic pipe work and fixings inside.

An "R Whites" Earthenware broken bottle was found at the bottom of the fountain!

Perhaps put there during the 1960's renovations.

Bottle is cleaned and after speaking to Barnet Museum,

we have worked out the it must have been placed when the fountain was installed

as they produced these bottles in 1880,

We also think it was a Ginger Beer bottle and not Lemonade!

Granit base is not level on one side so will need to be re-laid 

Trench needs to be deeper but tree roots are slowing it up!

Week 2

Pipe work now laid and back filled, ready to be connected to water mains.

Soak-away overflow drainage installed, and plinth re-set and put back plus first course of the fountain returned.

(Yellow stopper just about on visible)


Second course of the fountain returned with the basins and dog bowl cleaned.

Week 3

This week the next courses are fitted with new plumbing and taps!

Pipes lagged

Next level with brass push button taps now installed

Next level added

Fountain renovated and finished apart from "gilding" the 1885

The BBC were here on Friday filming Dr Nicola Stacey from Heritage of London Trust and myself!

Week 4

Affinity Water dug up Hadley Green Road to connect the fountain to the mains.



Manhole cover with water meter and stop-cock installed.

Road works finished!

Week 5

"1885" Gilded in Gold leaf

Plaque attached!

Week 6

Pathway started


Pathway finished with the final self-binding gravel top surface has been laid, allowing rainwater to drain away.

We added grass seed to the bare earth to in a few weeks the area will hopefully come back to life!


Before and After photos!

On the 27th April we have an opening ceremony attending by everyone from Heritage of London Trust, Affinity Water,

the Council and The Worshipful the Mayor of the London Borough of Barnet, Cllr. Alison Moore, and supporters of my renovation project.

Photo Heritage of London Trust

Photo Jonny Wanders


Photo Jonny Wanders

Tea, coffee and Cake were served at the Monk and Holt Pub afterwards and

The Fountain Cake was made by my Neighbour Donna at Blond Bakes!


I received a photo taken a few days later showing a wonderful beagle taking a drink from the dog bowl. Thank you Paul Cochrane!

Barnet Museum has put on permanent display

the old push button tap and the R Whites Stoneware bottle with "before and after photos" of the fountain.

Miss Ann Paget

The fountain was paid for and unveiled on

8th of August 1885 by Miss Ann Paget.

Miss Ann Paget and Lucy Paget were the daughters

 of MP Charles Paget (originally from Ruddington in Nottingham),

he and his second wife drowned by a freak wave in Filey in 1873!

The Sisters then moved to “Camlot” in Hadley Woods

and became eager supporters of children,

the Church and the health of people.

“Camlot” in Hadley Woods taken from Kelly's Street Directory 1886-1887

A Newspaper article published on the 15th of August 1885 reads:

I have found 3 drinking fountains that she commissioned, 2 in Hadley in Barnet,

The Hadley Wood one is now gone and the Pink Marble Hadley Green one.

The Hadley Wood Fountain

Also, one in London in association with the Metropolitan Public Gardens Association.

St Botolf, Billingsgate EC1

Metropolitan Public Gardens Association

Concerning her support of Children, she purchased “High Stone School” in Barnet in 1884

High Stone School and Headmasters Cottage  - The Old School House Hadley Highstone

and was Governor and Sponsor of Queen Elizabeth Boys school with her sister for many years.

Queen Elizabeth Boys School

She contributed a third to the building of Hyde Hall next to St John the Baptist Church in

Barnet in 1903 which in turn became the start of QE Girls School.

 Hyde Hall next to St John the Baptist Church

In 1905 she also contributed to the building of St James Church meeting hall

now the “Subud Centre” in East Barnet.

St James Church meeting hall and foundation stone

Ann passed away in 1916 and Lucy in 1924.

 50,000 in 1916 would be around 20,000,000 today!

They were both buried back in Ruddington Notts, at St Peters Church

and have a stained glass window dedicated to them.


St Peters Church Windows Ruddington


A condition report was done by London Stone Conservation

on 28/05/2022. A completely new connection to

the water mains will be installed which is now

in the pipeline with the generosity of Affinity Water

to include a water meter which will be

paid for by Barnet Council Parks and Open Spaces Dept.

Barnet Council Parks Dept. will also landscape

the area once the work is carried out

adding a pathway around the fountain and a

pathway from the pavement.

A Bicycle stand will be added as well.

 They will take over the running of the Fountain and the

water bills, PH testing and ongoing maintenance. 

A Bronze Plaque will be added to commemorate

its renovation and Miss Ann Paget.


On the 30th of January 2023 our Fountain was dismantled, cleaned, and rebuilt,

replacing the old plumbing for new and checking on its drainage.

This was finish on 17th February, Affinity Water came and laid a new water connection.

Barnet Council started the new pathway and landscaping.

The Bike racks will follow at the start of April

There will be a Grand Opening Day on 27th April at 10.30AM, with some of our School children, Heritage of London Trust and Supporters in attendance.


London Stone Conservation cost is 14,435 + VAT so 17,332

Bronze Plaque and fitting quote 1,648.34

New pathway and landscaping 2,880

Gilding and Gold Leaf for the 1885 numbers 400

Affinity Water 5,000 to 7,000+ offered work for free

Total 22,260.34 not including Affinity Water so really 29,260.34

with an income of 22,258.39 so short by 1.95 which I will donate!


Barnet Residents Association

Hadley Green Residents Association

Chipping Barnet Town Team

Barnet Museum

Barnet Council

Hadley Wood Association

Theresa Villiers MP

All Barnet Ward Councilors

Affinity Water

The Barnet Society

Love Barnet

High Living

have all offered their support!


Barnet and Hadley residents, walkers, dog walkers, bike

riders and children will all benefit from this fountain

working again, removing single use water bottles

 is a must now for the environment.

Hadley Green has begun to have jazz festivals

and other gatherings on the green.

Barnet Councils parks department are now adding

more footpaths to encourage people from the High Street and Town. 

The Fountain will been seen as the "Gateway" onto the Green

 Thank you

Peter Wanders


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